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Distribution of Net personal wealth (United States)
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Net personal wealth is the total value of non-financial and financial assets (housing, land, deposits, bonds, equities, etc.) held by households, minus their debts. . The personal or household sector - in the national accounts sense - includes all households and private individuals (including those living in institutions), as well as unincorporated enterprises whose accounts are not separated from those of the households who own them.
The chart(s) below show(s) how the Net personal wealth has being distributed across sets of complementing (they add up to 100%) percentile groups. We have tried to show this data for as many years as possible, but you may find that in some cases the information is just not available for some percentiles.

[Bottom 50% - Next 40% - Top 10%] shares split (1913-2014)

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[Bottom 90% - Top 10%] shares split (1913-2014)

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[Bottom 99% - Top 1%] shares split (1913-2014)

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We source all the data from the World Inequality Database.