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What percentile am I in?

Have you ever wondered if you're part of the Top 1% of the population? How about the Top 20% or even the Top 50%?

Browsing through the data in this website could give you a pretty good idea of where you stand and the answer in most cases will be: it depends. It will depend on the indicator (e.g. Fiscal income, Net personal wealth, Post-tax national income, etc.) you use as reference to decide where in the income or wealth distribution you stand.

For this kind of research you'd want to look at series of type Threshold. They will tell you the minimum income (or wealth) level required to belong to a given group percentile. Those thresholds are available by year, so maybe in the year 2000 you were in the Top 50% for a given indicator and ten years later you were in the Top 20%.

Go find out, here's a short list of Threshold series:

Income and Wealth Distribution

Once you know to what group percentile (for a given indicator) you belong, you might be interested in knowing what share of the total was held by that percentile. For example, you may have heard things like the Top 10% accounted for more than 50% of all the Fiscal Income in 2014.

In order to find that kind of information you should look for series of type Share, and also (when available) the distribution across "complementing percentiles" (e.g. Bottom 99% - Top 1%, Bottom 90% - Top 10%, etc.), which makes it a lot easier to compare.

Here are a few of those distributions to get you started:

We source all the data from the World Inequality Database.