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National income (United States)
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National income aims to measure the total income available to the residents of a given country. It is equal to the gross domestic product (the total value of goods and services produced on the territory of a given country during a given year), minus fixed capital used in production processes (e.g. replacement of obsolete machines or maintenance of roads) plus the net foreign income earned by residents in the rest of the world.// National income has many limitations, however it is the only income concept that has an internationally agreed definition (established by the United Nations System of National Accounts, see SNA 2008). They thus use it as our reference concept (after corrections to include income hidden in tax havens). // The national economy - in the national accounts sense - includes all domestic sectors, i.e. all entities that are resident of a given country (in the sense of their economic activity), whether they belong to the private sector, the corporate sector, the governement sector.

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